About us


Pedalion (ancient Greek: πηδάλιον) is the part of the steering apparatus of a boat or a ship that is fastened
outside the hull, usually at the stern, also known as rudder.


“Pedalion” is also the ancient name of the Southeastern cape of Cyprus of wild and extraordinary beauty,
known today as Cavo Greco (Cape Greko in Venetian) because in our ancestors’ imagination,
Cyprus map resembled a ship with Cavo Greco serving as the rudder of the island.


And as Cavo Greco could steer Cyprus to the North and South, to the East and West of the Mediterranean Sea,
the same way we want you to choose any destination you wish and we will simply steer the rudder
for you providing you with a holistic experience and lots of breathtaking moments…

Meet The Founders


Constantinos has been an open sea skipper since 2008. He graduated from the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki and he was part of a sailing racing crew participating in several races/regattas in Cyprus and the Aegean.

He inherited his love for the sea from his grandfather’s stories who worked as a fisherman in the area for his whole life and as a worker in the port of Famagusta (before 1974) and his father’s passion for Greek mythology, Poseidon’s world and Odysseus. He sailed in several places across the globe such as Barcelona, Madagascar, Hong Kong and Boston Massachusetts.


Panayiotis began his journey in aviation as a pilot and in security as a specialist for VIP but he soon realized that his heart is equally splitted between the blue skies and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Since then he was accredited as a certified Royal Yachts Association skipper, a Skipper of Coastal Passenger Vessels of the Republic of Cyprus and an operator of High-Speed vessels. Since 2018 he is working as an operator of several yachts, both sail and motor in the area of Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.